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The Democratic People's Republic of Korea

The SDC's activity in North Korea began in 1995 when it provided humanitarian aid for the population affected by the famine of the 1990s In 1997 the SDC opened an office in Pyongyang which increasingly became involved in implementing development projects

North Korea

4/29/2020A Christian non-profit and defender of persecuted Christians has launched a campaign urging for the release of Jang Moon Seok who was arrested along the border by North Korea and sentenced to 15 years in prison for sharing the Gospel with North Koreans According to the rumor mill North Korean

Rumors of North Korean leader's ill health often abound

Apr 21 2020The North Korean rumor mill is a constant background noise that complicates the already-difficult task of gleaning information from a nuclear-armed state that's maintained isolation for decades The report about Kim's medical procedure earlier this month originated from the Daily NK a website affiliated with the South Korea Unification

Korea Shows It Can : Modern Machine Shop

Machine tool builders in Korea have been playing a catch-up game for the past decade A review of current developments in machine tool technology indicates that Korea is rapidly pulling up with manufacturers in Japan Europe and the United States The products from Korea closely match their counterparts from other global suppliers in terms of capability and quality

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room

Please consider a monthly subscription to Rumor Mill News!! RMN is an RA production Articles In This Thread BREAKING: South Korean government is looking into reports saying North Korea's Kim Jong Un is in fragile condition after surgery NaturalWisdom -- Monday 20-Apr-2020 22:34:33

Something to Mill Over

The mill in Pawtucket Rhode Island had water-powered machinery for carding and spinning cotton A machine cards cotton by combing and untangling fibers while removing short undesirable fibers In the spinning process the fibers are drawn out twisted and wound to create thread or yarn

Kim Jong

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has appeared at a fertiliser factory looking remarkably cheerful for a man killed off by rumour and some of the world's media last week These will be carefully staged and timed photos but what can we learn about the North Korea rumour mill from this and past episodes?

The Mining Industry of North Korea

8/4/2011The Mining Industry of North Korea By Choi Kyung-soo August 4 2011 This paper was originally published as part of a special issue of theKorean Journal of Defense Analysis (Volume 23 Number 2 Summer 2011) on the DPRK Energy and Minerals Sectors Much of the material in the above special issue was adopted from research presented at the Nautilus Institute's 2010 DPRK Energy and

North Korea

Land in the mountains -- Korea's rich history -- Communist North Korea -- Cultural roots -- Life and culture under North Korea's dictatorship -- Modern challenges Presents information on the history geography people culture historical struggles and contemporary issues of North Korea 112 pages :

North Korea's Silence Keeps Rumor Mill Churning

Apr 26 2020North Korea's Silence Keeps Rumor Mill Churning April 26 2020 at 11:41 am EDT By Taegan Goddard Leave a Comment New York Times : "Depending on the news outlet or social media post Mr Kim believed to be 36 is recuperating after a minor health issue like a sprained ankle or he is 'in grave danger' after a heart surgery

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room

Please consider a monthly subscription to Rumor Mill News!! RMN is an RA production Articles In This Thread BREAKING: South Korean government is looking into reports saying North Korea's Kim Jong Un is in fragile condition after surgery NaturalWisdom -- Monday 20-Apr-2020 22:34:33

The People's Challenges

The North Korean regime makes it illegal to leave the country without state permission but every year thousands of North Koreans still risk their lives to escape a combination of a lack of freedoms and economic hardship in North Korea these are inextricably linked If caught trying to escape or if caught in China and sent back they are at

Kim Jong

Kim Jong-un and the brutal North Korea rumour mill There are a few puts from inside of North Korea they are able to originate Up to now what's referred to as the international industry sector in North Korea has been regarded as the supply of a few management rumours The secretive Place of job 39 – the dept that funnels money and

North Korea's mining industry is collapsing and steel may

As Joseph Bermudez and Andy Dinville wrote in June 2016 — more than a year before the Security Council approved Resolution 2371 — North Korea's largest steel mill the Kim Chaek Iron and Steel Complex was running at a greatly reduced capacity and shut down intermittently in the 1990s in 2011 2014 and 2015 when our sanctions against

Google Earth

Explore the globe with a swipe of your finger Available on Android and iOS Google Earth Pro on desktop Create maps with advanced tools on PC Mac or Linux Tell your story with Google Earth Meet three people who are using Google Earth to protect rivers inspire students and revisit their birth country Google Earth in Action

Derailing a Nuclear Program by Force

1/3/2017On paper North Korea fields more than 800 combat aircraft Many aircraft types flown by North Korea could be modified to drop a nuclear bomb but the H-5 bomber of which North Korea is believed to have approximately 80 is probably the best-suited airframe for the job Sea-Based

Is Kim Jong Un dead? Here's what we know and don't know

Apr 25 2020An increasing amount of rumors have been circulating since Monday that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has fallen into a compromised state of health that he is brain dead in an unresponsive coma and even that he may be dead On Saturday rumors surrounding the North Korean leader again began to circulate after the vice director for HKSTV Hong Kong Satellite Television

North Korea's Uranium Mining and Milling Operations

Nov 02 2018A 38 North exclusive with Frank V Pabian Peter Makowsky and Irv Buck An examination of commercial satellite imagery beginning in 2016 of the Pyongsan Uranium Concentrate Pilot Plant one of North Korea's two largest declared uranium ore concentrate facilities suggests that the plant has continued to operate up through the present


Songnim city North Hwanghae do (province) southwestern North Korea It is North Korea's largest iron and steel centre as well as a river port on the banks of the Taedong River During the Japanese occupation (1910–45) it was named Kyŏmip'o Formerly it was a poor riverside village but after


Having been caught falling for a CIA rumor mill report the New York Times engaged in a Trump like move and blamed North Korea for its false reporting: Speculation Over Kim Jong-un's Health Is Fueled by North Korea's Own Secrecy There might be malicious intent behind the initiation of today's rumor

Why from Korea?– Rolly Teacup Puppies

We have a high end pet shop in Korea and we were constantly contacted by interested buyers from US Canada We have expanded our sales channel by opening up our US office in Buford GA (45 minutes north of Atlanta) to provide better support for our customers in US/Canada Please note our puppies are located in Korea at our shop

Edinburgh Woollen Mill clothes made by North

Oct 13 2011Newsnight discovered that some cashmere jumpers sold by Edinburgh Woollen Mill (EWM) are made in a factory where 80 of the workers are from North Korea Edinburgh Woollen Mill said the labels are factually correct and they do not discriminate about who they employ but there are questions about what happens to North Korean workers' wages

Sloan's Mill Log Timberframe Homes

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Atomic Jjimjilbang

In exciting news Planet Labs snapped its first Skysat (0 8m resolution) image of North Korea's uranium mill at Pyongsan on April 14 2020 The image shows North Korea completed roof repair work on the largest building at the complex This is a part of a long running