Skewered Deli Wings -Flame grilled, marinated & barbequed – 6 large wings served kebab style on 2 wooden skewers 83.00
Bobotie Spring Rolls - lightly curried ground beef with apricots and raisins, wrapped in layers of phyllo pastry,  served with sweet chilli sauce 86.00
Veggie Spring Rolls – wrapped in layers of crisp phyllo pastry & served with sweet and sour sauce  83.00
Crumbed Mushrooms -served with delicious, fresh, home-made tartare sauce 77.00
Chicken Livers – Flame Grilled - when available - peri peri, lemon & herb, or regular & served with slices of panini bread 84.00
Israeli Platter - toasted pita riangles in zattar spice & olive oil with hummus, felafel, babaganush, calamata olives & home-made pickled cucumber 104.00
Trinchado - beef cubes sauteed in olive oil, garlic, white wine & bayleaves -with a hint of chilli 86.00
Chicken Noodle – as good as your Mother’s, Bobba’s and Auntie Gertie’s 71.00
Home-made Tomato Soup – smooth and creamy but PAREV and served with sliced panini bread – WHEN AVAILABLE 66.00
Perogen – LARGE - also home made -we can never make enough!!!  Great for Shabbat soup at home!! 15.00
Zesty smoked chicken - toasted pinenuts, orange segments & avo dressed with citrus vinagette 105.00
Sweet and Crunchy – baby corn, snow peas, tomatoes, sprouts, apple & avo with honey-mustard vinagrette 99.00
Seared Beef – roasted cherry tomatoes, baby corn & toasted pine nuts – dressed with chilli vinagrette 105.00
Smoked Salmon salad – cucumber & carrot ribbons, peppers, onion and avo and dressed with creamy-naise 108.00
Fresh garden salad – the ever popular French Salad with balsamic vinagrette 59.00
Tuna Salad - onion, cherry tomato, mixed peppers, hard-boiled egg and separate mustard-naise 101.00
Grilled Vegetable Salad – Grilled brinjals, baby marrow, marinated peppers, butternut and olives with balsamic vinagrette 93.00
OPEN SANDWICHES  OR WRAPS – a meal on its own!
Above served on rye, health, panini or wrap
Note: Breads and wraps are usually  “Mezonot” but please confirm with your waiter if concerned – a handwash basin in store
Hot Beef – served with sauerkraut, home-made pickled cucumber and wholegrain mustard 122.00
Pastramiserved with lettuce, onion, tomato and mustard-naise- hot or cold – please tell waiter 122.00
Marinated Smoked Beef -served on caramelised onions, peppadews, sun-dried tomatoes & avo, with chilli-naise 114.00
Lemon & Pesto Chicken - cherry tomatoes, toasted pine-nuts & avo with pesto-naise 112.00
Cajun Chicken – with crispy macon bits, peppadews, cherry tomatoes, onions, avo and dressed with honey mustard-naise 112.00
Grilled Steak – a favourite - BBQ Grilled served on tomato chutney 109.00
Smoked Chicken Mayo – cucumber ribbons, peppers, onion and tomato with wholegrain mustard-naise 108.00
Tuna -with hard boiled egg, peppers, onion, cherry tomatoes, avo and Mayo 107.00
Smoked Salmon - cucumber ribbons, peppers, cocktail tomatoes and avo 124.00
Deli Dog – New York style - 2 “footlongs” in a footlong hot dog roll served with sauerkraut and home-made colourful coleslaw 69.00
Portion of skinny fries 26.00
Portion of crispy fried onion rings 26.00
BURGER-AREA – pure ground beef & rated by our customers as the best in the country as well as the city!
The Deli Burger - 200 grams, basted and grilled to your preference- served on a sesame seed bun, & served with chips and crunchy onion rings 111.00
Macon Burger – as above topped with crispy macon 129.00
Egg Burger – as above toppd with a fried egg sunny side up or overturned – please tell waiter 118.00
Macon & Egg Burger – work this one out for yourself – we’re sure you can! You also get your chips and onion rings 129.00
Pineapple Burger - leave to your imagination what this is!!! 118.00
Mushroom Burger – topped with home-made mushroom sauce or served separately 119.00
Monkey Gland Burger – Sauce NOT made by or from monkeys!! 119.00
Prego Steak Roll – served a la Portuguese style, basted in peri peri sauce, chips and topped with a fried egg 129.00
Regular Steak Roll – grilled to your preference and served with chips & onion rings 123.00
Barbeque Chicken Burger - if you prefer chicken, it’s as good as the Deli Burger 109.00
Cajun Chicken and Chorizon Burger – Something really different and popular as burgers go – sliced chorizo sausage on top 129.00
Schnitzel Burger – crumbed chicken breast burger with chips & onions 123.00
Deep Sea Water Hake – grilled in lemon & butter or deep fried in a crunchy batter- your choice of chips & onion rings, baked potato, or veg 114.00
Seared Norwegian Salmon -served with Julienne vegetables or baked potato or side salad 242.00
Honey Glazed Norwegian Salmon – battered in honey, garlic butter & lemon juice – oven grilled in foil and served with mustard seed mash 242.00
BEEF – all below items loved by carnivores
Scotch Fillet – 500grams 345.00
Scotch Fillet – 300grams - 245.00
above served on a bed of potato leaves with Julienne vegetables & mushroom sauce, or with chips & onion rings or garden salad & vinagrette dressing
BBQ Beef Ribs - 700-800grams – flame grilled in our legendary basting andserved with chips & onion rings 265.00
Lamb Cutlets – 3-4 per portion - flame grilled and lightly basted and served with chips and onions or veg 217.00
Lamb Shank – 470-500g portion – slow roasted with tomato, onion, carrot, garlic and red wine & served with mash and roast veg or peas 249.00
POULTRY – for those too chicken to eat beef
Half Chicken – bbqd, marinated and flame grilled – served with chips and side salad 182.00
Chicken Schnitzel – crumbed chicken breasts – served with chips and side salad 159.00
Chicken Shwarma – diced chicken breasts and Israeli salad in a large laffa – with chips or a side salad 114.00
CURRIES –  for carnivores, omnivores and vegetarians – all delicately seasoned with cumin and coriander
Beef Curry – served with basmati rice, sambals, banana and chutney 159.00
Chicken Curry – served with sides as above 164.00
Lamb Curry – succulent lamb necks and served with basmati rice, sambals, banana and chutney 159.00
Vegetable Curry – for vegetarians – made with fresh carrots, baby marrow, potatoes, peas and served with sides as above 127.00
PASTA – choice of Penne or Fettucinne
Bolognaise – rich tomato base, pure beef mince & onion 111.00
Chicken and Chorizo – tomato base with chicken, chorizo, peppers, onion and a hint of chilli 119.00
Pepperonata – peppers, bayleaves, onion, tomato and a touch of garlic and chilli 95.00
Mushroom, Peppapdew and Crispy Macon – no description necessary 103.00
YOUR JUST DESSERTS AND PASTRIES – vary from time to time but most popular ones below
Mini Chocolate  Mousse Cakewhen available – they sell out very quickly 63.00
Home-made Malva Pudding –  servedwith warm home-made custard – delish in cold weather 52.00
Home-made Malva Pudding with Wildberry or Vanilla Almond Ice cream 67.00
Pecan Nut Chocolate Brownies – 2 midis - topped with pecan nut and sprinkled with icing sugar – very “moreish” 49.00
Tofutti Ice Cream – vanilla almond or wildberryhard to believe it’s Parev – per scoop 15.00
Red Velvet cupcakes 35.00
Variety of Mini Croissants, Apple Danish and Sabras – each 15.00
Black Forest cake,OR Israeli Choc Cake OR Halva Cake  -slice - certain ones sometimes sold out 24.00
NB What you see is what we’ve got!! Check it out at our cake counter!!