In the last two weeks, I’ve had three exceptional experiences with The Deli Store. (No, I am not involved in any way. No, I don’t own shares in the business, nor do I even know the owners or managers. I am purely writing this because good experiences and good service deserve to be recognised and publicised.)
On all three occasions, the food has truly been excellent. But one thing which has stood out for me particularly is the impeccable customer service. The entire Deli Store team, including the managers, waiters and staff are incredibly helpful and pleasant to be around. I had an urgent last-minute catering requirement for a work function this week.

Dean and the team went completely out of their way (far beyond the extra mile) to ensure that I got what I was looking for. The team has a ‘can-do’ attitude, and is so fervently focused on customer satisfaction that it is tangible.

One other thing I particularly like about the Deli Store is that it doesn’t ‘feel’ like a Kosher restaurant. Given the limited choice out there, we’ve become so accustomed to mediocre service, that this was a refreshing reminder that Kosher can indeed be cool.

With the excellent customer service, the great food, and the pleasant environment, the Deli Store has really impressed me immensely, and I would certainly recommend this restaurant to anyone and everyone.