My wife and I were looking for a place to go out and celebrate our 10 month anniversary. Normally we would go to Mitzuyan (Kilarney) or the Grill (Northfield). However, being that is the jewish holiday of Sukkos, we needed a Sukkah. So we called Mitzuyan first and asked them if they had a Sukkah, and they did not. So that was not an option, we then briefly considered the idea of the Grill, but we felt that it isn’t nice enough for a special occasion, to us it felt more like a grill house.

Then I remembered that a friend of mine told me a little while ago about this new place in Sandton that opened up, called the Deli Store. It was told to us that the Deli Store was an expensive meaty restaurant. So we decided to give it a try. My friend supplied us with the contact details, and we phoned them to ask if they had a Sukkah, the manager answered the phone, and told us that they did indeed have a Sukkah. He sounded very friendly and positive over the phone. This just made us feel better about deciding to choose to eat there. Also, a quick google search later produced their website, The Deli Store We were indeed pleasantly surprised by our experience.

In my youth I worked a lot as a waiter in restaurants and functions etc. So I understand very well the restaurant business, and when I go out to eat, I am often left with the feeling that there is much left to be desired. Either the service was bad, or the food wasn’t cooked right, or just didn’t taste good, or it was overpriced or any combination of the above, or any other reason for that matter.

Eating at the Deli Store, was a true delight, even for the likes of me. I will try and relate in as much detail as I can recall, the experience, so that someone who is as picky as I am, with high standards for restaurants may peruse and possibly consider the Deli Store as a wonderful choice. Before I go on and try to relate my experience, I will just say, the service was immpecable, the food was truly great and the prices were, in my opinion, not over priced for what was offered …